RockLid® Activity Caps

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Functional Headgear for Sports, Work and Play

Study shows RockLid® reduced blunt force trauma by 92%.

(Impact testing data as of 10/14/18.)

The RockLid® and The RockLid® Air Utility Patents represent a much needed advancement in head protection for baseball players of all levels. The caps also can be worn as general safety bump caps for many different demographics. Now all children and adults have a smart but simple way to wear significant head protection when they are playing sports, riding bikes, skateboards, scooters or hover boards. The RockLid® is also a great choice for outdoor enthusiasts, those at risk of falls, factory workers and any other person in an industry or activity who could benefit from advanced head protection.   

The Original RockLid® Patent (#7,93...) applies a hard shell concept and the RockLid® Air Patent (#8,73...) uses a soft shell design. Both designs offer the user a custom, secure fit and impressive impact protection from accidents and collisions.

The cost for both patents is $50,000 plus a $1.00 (one dollar) per cap ongoing royalty.

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